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News (- including Privacy Statement)

We would like to keep you up to date with what BCPS and its staff are doing.

  • Andrew Trott has now taken on the role of Managing Director in addition to being the Clinical Lead for the practice.

  • Jo Lamplough joined the practice. A highly-experienced MSK physiotherapist, Jo has competed in sport to national level but her young family takes precedence at present.

  • Ruxandra Nica joined the practice.  Very experienced as an MSK physiotherapist, she has experience in the treatment of Women's Health issues and has neurological experience.  She is a qualified acupuncturist and has a passion for Tango dancing.

  • Julie Cursley has joined the practice as Practice Manager. 

  • Kim Selway has joined the practice as Practice Administrator

  • Becca Hull who is already well-known locally for her excellent Pilates (and generally over-subscribed) classes has joined the practice providing both musculo-skeltal physiotherapy, women's health physiotherapy and clinical Pilates.

  • Gemma Harris  - a highly experienced MSK physiotherapist and a specialist in provision of physiotherapyfor patients suffering from from cancer - has joined the practice. 

  • Domicilliary Treatment
    In addition to our clinic based treatment, we can provide domicilliary (home based) treatment where needed.  This can be for both musculoskeletal and neurological conditions.

  • BCPS is the original importer of Fisiocrem and we still supply our patients at what we believe is the best price in the country. If you haven't tried Fisiocrem and would like to, we do have a few sample sachets available.  We still supply at a better price than you can get from any other supplier.

  • New Email - Please use our new email address
  • We have updated our Patient Managment System to Preori, we are now able to send appointment reminders via email and txt.
  • Credit Cards
    BCPS  accepts credit and debit cards for treatment payments. Cards accepted: VISA, VISA Delta, Master Card and we welcome American Express.


  • Privacy Statement
  • BCPS is committed to the safety and security of all data that we hold in respect of our patients and our staff.  The following describes the methods and processes we use to ensure that data privacy is maintained at all times:


  • We hold and will hold a certain amount of data in respect of each and everyone of our patients, staff and associates.  We do everything that we can to ensure the accuracy, safety and security of this data

    This data can be described as personal or personal private.

    ·         Personal Data  - applicable to patients, staff and associates - can be defined as anything that uniquely identifies an individual or assists in uniquely  identifying  an individual

    ·         Personal Private Data – applicable only to patients -  can be contextually defined as anything pertaining to your health.

    We hold data in two forms: electronic and paper.

    ·         Data held electronically in respect of patients is held within our patient management system and can only be accessed through this system.  The physical storage of patient management records is in a remote server and is held in encrypted form.  It is transmitted in encrypted form and can only be decrypted by an authorised user of our Patient Management System.  There is no local electronic storage of either personal or personal private data.

    ·         Data held electronically for our staff and associates is held within encrypted files both locally and within a cloud based secure environment accessible only by use of the correct passwords.

    ·         Paper Data in respect of patients  – and we will usually only have paper data on patients commencing treatment with us prior to 2011 – is held in secure, locked filing cabinets.

    ·         Paper Data in respect of staff and associates is held within locked filing cabinets.

    The following section relates specifically to patients of Bookham Chartered Physiotherapy Service Ltd.

    Where we receive documents in paper form relating to your condition, these are scanned electronically into your patient record and the original document is shredded.  The exception to this is in respect of composite statements received from health insurance companies which contain sufficient information to uniquely identify an individual (provided that access to the health insurance record system was available).  These composite statements are retained in secure and locked filing cabinets for a period of two years and then shredded.

    We hold your data for one purpose only: to enable us to have an accurate record of your treatment.  We do not process data for marketing reasons or to identify trends.  The exception to this is when we are asked by health insurance companies to provide an analysis of treatments provided – this is completely anonymous and no personal or personal private data of any form is exchanged with the health insurance provider.

    There are times when we need to exchange data with other health professionals and, in some circumstances, with Health Insurance Companies.  We exchange information with other health professionals only in respect of the ongoing progress of your condition and treatment and with health insurance companies when it is necessary to seek additional treatment on your behalf or to progress payment.

    We are sometimes requested to provide Personal Private Date to solicitors in progression of a claim that is being progressed.  This data will only be provided with your express authorisation by means of a signed release form.

    We do not allow any cross-border (i.e. external to EU) movement of personal or personal private date.  The only exception would be if a specific request is made to provide data to assist in the treatment of an individual when that individual is in a non-EU country.

    We have a legal requirement to keep personal private data for a period of eight years but we will retain it indefinitely unless we have a specific request to delete that data.

    You have a right to request at any time a copy of the personal and personal private data that we hold in respect of you.


    The Following Section relates specifically to Staff and Associates of Bookham Chartered Physiotherapy Service Ltd.

    We hold personal data on you to satisfy legal requirements, pay, pension and taxation requirements, and, where appropriate, to satisfy the requirements of health insurance companies and regulatory bodies.

    You have the right at any time to request a copy of any personal data that we hold in respect of you and to request that any data we hold in electronic and/or paper form is deleted from our records.  However, where your personal data is directly related to the treatment of a patient to satisfy legal requirements we will retain that data for an indefinite period or until the personal and personal private data of that patient is removed from our system.














Staff news

  • Andy Trott Ruxandra Nica, Jo Lamplough and Becca Hull are qualified AACP acupuncturists
  • Julie Cursley joins as Practice Manager
  • KIm Selway joins as Practice Administrator
  • Becca Hull joins providing both Physiotherapy - including women's health - and Clinical Pilates
  • Gemma Harris jons providing both MSK physiotherapy and specialist oncology physiotherapy.
  • From March 2nd, 2019, BCPS will be open on Saturday mornings from 08.15 to 12.45.